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Is web hosting included with WithinBucks website?

We believe everyone deserves to have a web presence! In addition to our design services, we also host your website for free.

What if I do not like what you design for me?

Not to worry, we keep designing your website until we have something you are 100% happy with. We're passionate about design and pretty sure we can come up with something to blow your socks off.

Can you design my logo too?

Hell yes! We can pretty much design anything, from logos, business cards, brochures and lots more, check out our branding section.

Do I have to worry about my website maintenance ?

No ! You don't have to worry about your maintenance . Our technical team will take care of your website and make sure it is up-to-date !

Do I have to purchase a domain separately or is it included in $30 ?

No ! You have to purchase a domain separately, either you can get it yourself from any provider like Godaddy or you can contact our support team and we will make a purchase for you.

Do I have to pay any hidden charges ?

Not at all ! No extra charges for you!

Am I really getting this for only $30 a month? :o

Yeap ! All of this in just $30/month ! We know we're awesome. Thank you ;).

Do I own the website?

Yes the website is yours, after the 12 month period you are welcome to transfer away however you will not get the level of support we offer, you would need to find a new web designer to setup the site elsewhere



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